Searching for  natural, holistic, alternative resources to end chronic pain and restore health?

Are you tired of medication and medical tests?

Do you feel Hopeless in a  Desperate health situation?

We are NOT doctors and derive no income from our efforts. We simply  provide education and suggestions. Anecdotal stories about  the health of others being restored will inspire you.

Upper Cervical Advocates  are people who benefited, like thousands of others,  from the life changing specific correction of the Upper Cervical Spine (C1-atlas and/or C2-axis). Brain to body communication is the foundation of all health!

These bones protect the upper part of the spinal cord and lower part of the brain stem. The brain stem is a major interface to the brain and is the source of 70 trillion ‘cranial’ nerves which are essential to restoring the body to peak health.

Our mission is two-fold:

1. educate on the scientific results obtained by Upper Cervical Chiropractors and

2. assist  people in locating these specialists among chiropractic

Our desire is to help patients build patient scholarship programs in local offices so people with chronic, long term disease who are unable to work, can benefit from this miraculous science.

We encourage patients of Upper Cervical Care to join us. We guide you on sharing your story, reaching your local community, and changing other peoples lives by bringing HOPE to Hopeless people.

We encourage strong advocacy support groups for Upper Cervical doctors and patients who want to share Upper Cervical Chiropractic within their local community. An affiliate program to help accomplish this will be available soon on a sister website.

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Research and world-wide list of specialists can be located at upcSpine.com  and video and technique specific lists are available at whatTimetuesday.com

Alternative, natural holistic health remedies are available soon at GetWellGetHealthy.com to provide synergistic health solutions that build on the Upper Cervical foundation.

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